Pair of Felix the Cats and Orange Moon Folk Art Napkin or Letter Holder

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A terrific, super painterly pair of Felix the cats, side by side on a red perch, with big orange moon behind them—with a space between that I believe was made to hold napkins, or perhaps letters. I really like that each Felix has its own distinct personality, the one at left looking a bit feral (!), while the one at right, with larger pupils, looks rather more with it, and perhaps a bit scared. Aged just perfectly, including a little alligatoring to the paint. Nails across the red painted bottom perch, where the cutout joins to the middle, green painted piece. 

This is pretty small: 4 1/4" l x 3 3/8" t x 2" d. Solid and sturdy and in very good shape, 1940s or so I would guess.