Pair of Mid 20th C. Peruvian Shipibo Vessels

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I found a couple of Shipibo pieces years ago and have kept an eye out for others ever since, especially for a figural vessel like the one at right here. This pottery is created by women of Shipibo tribe of the Peruvian Amazon; as I understand it, the maze-like hand-painted designs are sophisticated interpretations of their cosmic beliefs, including that the flow of the jungle rivers follow the same course as the stars. One does not see Shipibo pottery dating to earlier than the 20th century; I believe these two are mid-20th century so so, which would be considered older pieces. Coil built earthenware with polychrome. 

Vessel with face approx 7 1/2" widest diameter x 5 7/8" t, 4 1/2" across at lip. Thee other measures approx 7 3/4" d x 5 1/2" t.  The figural vessel shows a large chip at the lip to the left of the face. Otherwise small surface chips here and there, not structurally impactful. Sold as a pair.