Pair of Early 20th C. Glass Turpentine Bottles with Great Labels

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I found these two bottes in New Hampshire, not far from Portsmouth, where they were filled with turpentine by F.A. Gray & Co. and Glazer-Fox more than 100 years ago I believe. Admittedly, I didn't come across a lot of dazzling finds in the past few days, but sometimes that makes one slow down and find beauty in unexpected forms--and I must say, to my eye, these are quite beautiful things, with their nice satisfying spaces and excellent paper labels. And, when placed in the sunlight, such that Glazer-Fox bottle has a lovely amber glow, and the F.A. Gray a bit of a green one. 

F.A. Gray, named after founder Fred Albion Gray, is still in business, a fourth generation business. That bottle was made by Hazel Atlas, and the mark on the bottom tells me it was made in 1904. The Glazer-Fox bottle was made Duraglas, with a mark on the bottom edge, and the mark on bottom dates it to 1906. 

F.A. Gray: 6 5/8” tall. Glazer-Fox: 7 1/4" t. I can't get the cap off the latter, but I have not tried especially hard. The other cap comes off easily.  Sold as a pair.