Pair of Diminuitive Old Carved Marionette Heads

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I wish I knew how these two came to be. And yet it seems rather right that they should exist without context, seeming all the more existential, and making me think of Estragon and Vladimir from Waiting for Godot. I believe they were the heads of marionettes, their bodies now long done but the pair definitely seeming as if they've still got dramas they want to enact! With carved and painted heads on dowels that extend to the bottom of their chests, which can be raised to give them long necks and make them appear all the more animated. It also appears as if they once had hair, with a little fuzz remaining. Very small, but potent in presence, and to me feeling full of life, and angst, and some sort of truth about the nature of existence!

Left: 2" t (neck down) x 1 1/4" w. Long nose: 1 7/8" t x 1 1/2" w. Plenty of wear and paint loss as evident, but sound and stable and not very fragile.