Pair of Cats with Basket and Roses, c. 1920s-30s Ethel Johnt Painting in Original Frame

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Photos don't quite do justice to this one--getting enough light on the painting blows out the gold of the frame, but you get the picture! The cat paintings I really like are ones where the faces seem quite human, which I think is the case with this one; they make me think of a pair of older women--BFF's most definitely--who have had face work plus drawn wings at the corners of their eyes with eye liner! All the better for the way they seem to gaze wistfully at the pile of roses before them.  Signed  E Johnt, who I believe was Ethel Johnt (b. 1904 in Hamburg, NY-1970, Buffalo, NY), by whom I've turned up a few other paintings out there. 

11" x 13" framed, as found. Overall very good condition, with one light surface scuff/scratch, right center.