Pair of Carved Dogs with Brown on Brown Polychrome

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Quite a couple, who have clearly been together since the beginning, so seems right to keep them together as a duo now. With barrel around its neck, the dachshund seems to be the elder and wiser of the two, with a certain elegance and dignity about it, while the smaller (some sort of bull terrier?) feels more like an energetic and perhaps rather pesky sidekick. Carved of wood with polychrome in light brown with chocolate brown patches, and painted wooden beady eyes on the larger. The smaller balances nicely on the back of the larger, but they'd also be good holding down opposite ends of a shelf (or carpet!)

Large: 12 1/4" l x 5 1/4" t x 1 5/8" w. Small: 7 7/8" l x 3 1/4" t x 1 5/8" w. Both in very good condition, mid 20th c. I believe.