Pair of Antique Treen Salt or Snuff Spoons

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I can never pass by old turned wood salt spoons, which I've sometimes also seen referred to as snuff spoons; I think their shapes are beautiful, plus they're super useful in the kitchen for scooping little measures of this or that. These I believe are quite old, and have lovely, gradually widening handles. One is a bit larger than the other but the wood seems the same, with a nice patina on both and the wood of the handles super smooth. 

The one with the smaller bowl shows a little roughness around the edges of the bowl and some scratching to its interior, which is just on the surface. The larger shows one small crack that runs down from the lip the bowl and a little roughness around the edge otherwise. No real matter; they still look great and have years of good use in them yet. 

Both approx 4 1/2" long. Larger measures 3/4" across, 7/16" deep; smaller 9/16" across, 3/8" deep. Sold as a PAIR.