Pair of Antique Handmade Hardwood (Presumed Mitering) Tools, Personalized

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So many beautiful old tools (and wooden objects) in the world! I do force myself to resist a lot of them, but sometimes I can't, as was the case with these, each of which appear to have been carved from one piece of wood, and which one just wants to hold and use to draw straight lines and 45 degree angles over and over again! I believe these would have been used by a carpenter/furniture maker, or perhaps a framer, for mitering corners.  Now, they could be used in all sorts of other ways, including as tabletop stages of sorts, or as beautiful small wall shelves with the addition of a small hook on the backs. The smaller of the two was monogrammed JE, the other W Loughton. 

 Larger: 9 7/8” lx 2 7/8 t x 2 5/8” d. Smaller: 7 1/16 x 1 13/16 t x 1 13/16” d. Made of two different truly gorgeous hardwoods and in very good condition, with the edges of the larger showing a bit more use but the wood is everywhere very smooth.  Late 19th c. or so I would think.