Painterly Old Watercolor Landscape with Gate and Wispy Trees

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The old watercolor gives me a feeling of coziness and well-being--like taking a long walk in the country on gray, cold, late fall afternoon, when you're properly bundled up and know you'll have a hot cup of something, or a whiskey, soon! The one wispy gold and red tree, nestled up against the large trunk to its right, really does it for me, with everything else in soft grays and browns. Just a lovely smallish painting to have around. 

12 1/8" l x 7 1/4" t x 5/8" d, framed. I have not tried to remove it from the frame, which suits it just fine, to see if it signed or dated on the back. My guess might be 1940s or so. Very good condition, with a little wear to the old wood frame which I'd guess is about the same age. (Photos, which don't quite do it justice, show a little glare, not flaws.) Wired on the back for hanging.