Painted Shoe-Shaped Nearly Flat Folk Art Box

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The paint on this unusual little shoe shaped box has nice age to it; I'd guess 1920s-30s or so, though maybe a little earlier than that. I love the long, nearly flat form, as if nodding to the elongated proportions of clown shoes, and the surprise of realizing the "lid" slides off to reveal a secret hiding place.  Perhaps the upper and lower were once joined, I'm honestly not sure, but now they just fit together nicely, with a carve out in the underside of the upper fitting neatly onto a matching piece extending at the toe of the sole. And the black painted toe on the top side of the shoe mimics that joint on the underside in a great way, as if offering a clue. Sweet.

5 1/16 x 1 1/16 x 3/4a and in good, nicely aged condition.