Oversized Antique Primitive Solid Wood Painted Checkers Gameboard

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I spotted this (huge) old board from across the room (in New Hampshire), where it read like a minimalist painting--the combination of simple, bold pattern and subtleties of the old painted surface (which details best capture) make it to my eye a really beautiful thing. I'm not sure if it was made for giant-sized checkers, or just to be decorative, but it's definitely got age, I'd guess early-ish 20th century, with fine alligatoring to the paint, especially to the creamy white. There are old nail holes along the short sides where the wood strips are, but it looks like the nails were removed at some point at the strips were glued (though there is no glue showing.)

22" x 28" x 3/4". Squares are 2 3/4" square. There is one chip to the paint and some darkening to the cream paint, as pictured; paint is stable, not chipping, and the board is in overall good condition.