Original 1956 Spiel Naef Blocks with Box, Complete Set of 18

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Clearly I love blocks of all sorts, but these I think are my very favorites of all— one of the first toys designed by renowned Swiss designer Kurt Naef (1926–2006), in 1956. Now icons of modern design, they continue to be produced in a smaller set of 16 today, but these are the real deal--a complete original 1956 set of 18 with gold foil stamp on one of the red blocks and the original box too. I've found just a few sets of these over the years and always keep a keen eye; pretty rare to come across them other than in design museum collections.

The diagonal cuts on the opposite sides of the blocks allow for all sorts of  stacking possibilities, including dramatic cantilevering and top-heavy towers. The form of the blocks also allows for easily sliding one out along the groove without disrupting the rest of the structure. And the colors - orange, yellow, green, red and blue--are saturated and really almost jewel like.

Each block measures about 2"x2"x2".  Wear to the box and the loss of one short side, with clear tape reinforcing corners. Blocks are in excellent condition.