Open House / Auction Hand-painted Double Sided Old Wooden Sign

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I love original, truly one of a kind old handmade signs in all their brilliant variety, but I also love more straightforwardly functional ones, like this double-side Open House / Auction sign (and two others, for Gifts and Open House/Auction that I found along with it, listed separately), which can be used to mean exactly what they say, or creatively/strategically hung to comment on their context. I love that the color and style of the text is completely different on opposite sides of this one, which would be the perfect prop for home staging, but also a nice one to hang in the entry with "Open House" showing as a sign of welcome and also open-mindedness (or turn it to Auction when you are fed up with it all!) 

17 5/8" x 3 1/2" 3/4". Nicely worn, with scattered stains and dings. There are holes on either end of the top edge that would hold screw-in hooks.