On Writing, Marvelous Early 19th C. Ink Drawing with Poem in Period Frame

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This one, I deeply feel, was meant to pass through my hands--and I'd be quite content to have it stay in them, I love it so much, but I'd really love it to find its way to a true writer, as what could be better than this marvelous bird hung above one's writing desk, delivering daily inspiration? Early 19th century American, I believe, and found in Maine, black ink on what I believe is wove paper. A few words elude me but for the most part the poem is easy to decipher, speaking to the great gift to humanity that is the written word.... "Whether the priest or hebrew sage / First painted language on the leafy page / The vast invention doubtless came from, Heaven..."  

9" x 8 9/16" framed, as found, in a period frame that suits it perfectly. Paper size: 6 3/4 x 7 3/8. A few holes as evident, fold lines, and some toning, all making this bird feel rather like a phoenix and the page especially apt in describing (embodying) the process that is writing!