Old Yellow Splatterware Small Scalloped Edge Bowls - Set of 5

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I'm not quite sure if these are French or Italian, but I'd think one or the other, and I must say it makes me pretty happy just to look at them. They've definitely been around and show a few small chips here and there, but what a great set to cheer up the kitchen. I'd think they were made for baking mini quiche or pot pies or the like, but I think I'd fill them with dips, olives and the like and put them on the table as often as possible! 

It seems there is often a conflation of spatterware, made by sponging, and splatter ware, which these definitely are--and I have to think making the latter was much more fun! Three brown on yellow and two green on yellow in the set. Each measures about 5 3/4" in diameter and 2" tall. Overall good condition--stilt marks on the interior, some small chips and a few minor hairline cracks, structurally sound and still super looking. Sold as a set. (There is a set of two larger dishes from the same set listed separately.)