SOLD Old Yellow House with Green Trim Folk Art Painting on Cabinet Door

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I believe it is an old cabinet door upon which this painting was painted in make do fashion, suggesting that someone felt it pretty urgent to do so, I'd guess depicting their own house, perhaps within which the cabinet door once hung! And a charmer of a painting they made of a charmer of a houseI think, with the lines delineating the siding, roof and awning done in pencil with paint over top I believe. In addition to the terrific color palette, perfectly complemented by green painted perimeter frame, I especially love the painterly explosion of flowers at near right. Cheery and moody and folky and elegant all at once.

Dimensions: 19 1/2" x 16 1/2". Good condition, with a great patina and a hanging loop at top. There is a little surface splitting to the wood as detailed in photos, but it seems stable and sound.