Old Wooden Naughty Man with Pot!

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I've bought and sold a few old folk art naughty men of various sorts, who expose themselves when their bodies are lifted, but this is the first I've seen with a vessel incorporated, which is what especially sold me on it. I think it would make the perfect little vase or planter (a little cactus would seem most appropriate!),  which he could proverbially water when lifted. Or if one were really handy, perhaps it could be turned into some sort of fountain! 

10 3/8" tall when lifted; 8 3/4" when not; 6 5/8" long; 4 3/4" wide. Great condition and super solid, with some nice alligatoring to the cream paint. The pot is pretty heavy; I think it is stoneware painted red but it is a bit hard to tell.