Old Wooden Cardinal Cutout with Bright Yellow Painted Beak

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I had a great old wooden cutout bluebird in the shop a few months ago, found in Maine just as this Cardinal was, and I have a bit of a hunch they were made by the same person. The polychrome color on this one has similarly faded with age, especially the red, but I think it is all to the good in making for the perfect contrast with the still super bright and thick yellow paint on the beak. I do think this one would do a good job attracting other birds if perched near a feeder as it feels quite believable, but it is such a lovely thing I think probably better to hang indoors--it just needs a simple hanger added to the back or a few small nails to rest on.

7 7/8" tip to tip and about 4 1/4" tall; 1/4" thick and in very good aged condition.  There is a tiny chip to surface of the wood at the very tip of its crest.