Tramp Art Bottle Cap Vases/Candleholders - SOLD INDIVIDUALLY

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I found these two together in Kansas City, definitely made by the same person, both constructed around old blue glass Vicks VapoRub jars, and both with terrific patina on them. I've had an eye out for bottle cap creations for a while but these are the first I've felt compelled to purchase, which I love for their crisp execution and succinctness--managing, to my eye at least, to feel rather elegant, and which could serve as vessels for all sorts of creative arrangements, floral and otherwise! I've found Vicks VapoRub blue glass jars a but hard to date, but believe these likely date to the sometime 1920s-40s and they remain in excellent condition. 

Each measures approx 7 3/4” w x 3 7/8” d x 3 1/2” t. SOLD INDIVIDUALLY (price is per piece.) Please indicate in the notes field at checkout whether you would like the silver or the colorful one. Or add 2 to your cart to purchase the pair.