Beautiful Old Tin Folk Art Doghouse

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Yum. I purchased this doghouse along with three more structures from a seller in Maryland, all of them clearly made by the same person long ago, together adding up to a tabletop farm (house, coop, barn and dog house!) Because each structure is its own excellent thing, and because a whole farm may be a bit much to accommodate, I am selling each piece individually. Each one, scratch made of tin, is quite a singular thing, all with wonderful lines and proportions, and made especially special I think by their surfaces, which look like energetic scribbled line drawings--this doghouse the very best example of that among them, with gray marks against brown on the roof and against silver on the sides. It is also really quite iconic feeling, like the very essence of a house, for dog--or human--to crawl inside as shelter. Really very beautiful.

4 9/16" d x 4" w x 4 9/16" t and in very good condition.