Old Straw Stuffed Much Loved Handmade Cat

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What a face! And what a lot of love this cat has seen (and given, I think!), with reinforcement stitches all the way around the neck and on the tail too, and it looks to me likely loosing its button eyes along the way, but of course I think all the more charming for the wear. With a hand-drawn heart-shaped nose and mouth and dots for whiskers in what is not a pinkish-red, and stuffed full with straw that surely is well over 100 years old. He's definitely settled into himself over the years, leaning somewhat forward when on all fours though he will stand that way, or else can sit up resting on his rear, front paws up. How not to love?

Sitting on hind legs he sits 8 1/4" t.  6 1/2 tall standing on all four legs,  9” long , 5 1/4” w. Sound and stable and not fragile, with seams holding and no notable holes, and generally (relatively) clean with no odors!