Old Shot Up "Ticonderoga Office" Sign

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As the site of famous battles during the French and Indian, and American Revolutionary wars, it seemed apt to find this Ticonderoga sign shot through with quite a flurry of bullet holes. I'm not sure what sort of office the sign was associated with, but did look up the number, which (with a 518 area code) appears still to be in use, associated now with a residential address on Defiance Street (which seems perfectly right!) Located in the Adirondacks of upstate New York between Lake George and Lake Champlain (the name derives from the Haudenosaunee term for "between the two waters"), the town of Ticonderoga became famous for the graphite that was once mined and processed to make the Ticonderoga Dixon pencil.

24" x 8" and in much shot-up and rusted condition, though still with great dark blue color to the sign. Double sided, more eroded on one side than the other.  Relatively flat and easily hung on the wall, which is how I found it.