Old Grain Scoop with Make Do Welded Spike Adaptation

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I'm always happy to find objects, and tools especially, that were altered by someone along the way for a specific purpose, as was clearly the case with this old scoop, to which a series of sharp spikes were welded, transforming it into a singular and much more aggressive sort of object!  I believe the scoop itself was made for grain, but, as if found it coated in soot, am thinking the spikes may have been added for stoking and scooping out a  fireplace? (If you know better, I'd love to hear!) I think it's a pretty excellent object, and love all the effort invested in welding those long spikes to the back, which also makes it look a bit like a medieval armor helmet from that side. Very much one of a kind.

13 1/4" l x 6 3/8" w x 3 3/4" d and in good shape. I've cleaned off the soot very well!