Old Odd Fellows Wire Mesh Mask

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I think my favorite view on some of these old wire mesh Odd Fellows masks is from the backside, where what is a fairly long face front the front side is widened and flattened out in a way, rather like a map. Pretty good from the front, too, though, with this slightly goofy looking guy having a bit of a crooked nose and rumpled chin, plus large hazel or brown eyes, thick eyebrows, and a fat black mustache. There is an old elastic band threaded through the top corners, long enough to shorten or lengthen as needed for wearing and hanging on the wall the rest of the time! 

There is a small hole in the mesh at the center of his mustache and a bit of irregularity running in a vertical line up his nose from the there, not major. Otherwise just a couple of small tears in the wrapped metal rim around the perimeter of the mask. 9 1/8" tall x 6 straight across as measured from the back side; 4 1/2" deep. Fits an adult human face!