Old Navy Stocking Doll with Wonderful Face

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The combination of embroidered face with crossed eyes, extra long legs, and two buttons down the front gives this old stocking doll a whole lot of personality--he really called to me from across the room, as if just pleading to be retrieved and loved. (And, as one might do at the animal shelter, I plucked him from among several siblings--a bit sad to leave the rest behind, but he was clearly the one for me!) Soft stuffing, slightly lumpy, and with some navy thread at the top of his head cinching him together. Love.

16 1/8" tall x 5" w x 2 3/4" d and in good shape, holding together well. A small mend or two and a few very small holes in the torso, which reveal what looks to be some lining. The is a little lint that shows against the dark navy, which could easily be cleaned off.