Memory Ware Jug with Pair of Tintype Portraits, c. Early 20th century

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While I appreciate them, I don't usually go for memory jugs; somehow they tend to feel a bit too cumbersome, or messy, or clunky, or something, to me. But I fell for this one, of just the right scale for my taste, and with what I find a very satisfying feeling of resolve and succinctness to it. Lots embedded in it to discover, including many sorts of buttons, a bennington marble, a bisque baby head (and a leg elsewhere too), a soldier tobacco tag, a brass lord's prayer tag, seashells and more. My favorite things though are two tintype portraits--one of beautiful woman looking very much the gypsy, prominently featured to the left of the handle; the other a cut out of a handsome young man with mustache, embedded longways at the base. A story there for sure. A couple of lost pieces but otherwise everything well attached and feeling very solid. 

6 1/2" t x 5 5/8 across at handle x 4 5/8". Good condition with a few losses as documented. Earlyish 20th c. I believe.