Old McFalls (Mechanic Falls, Maine) Hand-painted Directional Sign

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The way my mind works, this old McFalls arrow sign made me think about the ubiquity of "falls" of all sorts, literal and proverbial--McFalls, like McMansions, etc.) and I really love how rather than miles at the arrow end there are now just black paint drips, as if McFalls had fallen off the map, and also itself sort of evincing the gesture of a fall. The McFalls in question is in fact Mechanic Falls, a town in Androscoggin County, Maine, which is near where I found this, but now I think it could be used to point toward falls of many kinds.

30 3/8" l x 5" r x 3/4" thick. Lots of wear and paint loss, especially along the top edge, but structurally sound. There is a screw hole at the center that could be used for hanging.