Old Lubbers and Bell Puzzle-Peg Game

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I love the look of this old wooden peg game, but it is also pretty fun to play! Made by the Lubbers & Bell Company in Clinton, Iowa in the 1920s, the round, wooden game board is covered with a printed green, red and white paper surface, and printed instructions on the back. The objective is to remove all the pegs except one--which should be left in the center hole--by jumping any peg over its neighbor to eliminate it. Not an easy feat!

This one I think has gotten a lot of play and is pretty well worn, but with plenty more fun left in it! It measures 6 1/2" in diameter by 3/8" deep and comes in what may be the original box, though there is no printing left on it--the box measures 8" x 6 3/4"x1 3/4".