Old Leather Bottle with Complete Pea Pool Set (+ Make Do 18 & 20)

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I fell for this old leather bottle before realizing what was rattling around inside--a set of 16 + 2 more pea pool, or kelly pool "balls". Kelly pool was apparently invented by Chicagoan Calistus "Kelly" Mulvaney in 1893, and--essentially adding another layer to a game of pool--was/is especially conducive to gambling!  A set includes 16 balls, so this set is complete, but then also a 18 and 20  (made with masking tape on marbles) I presume added for use with a "baseball" pool set, which includes 20 balls.

Anyway, the leather bottle has really nice age and wear to it, marked CH Perry on the underside, with a cork still in it that has been there quite a long time. I think I'd invent my own game to play with these balls, as its quite a nice thing to hold this bottle and toss them out! 

6” t not including cork x 3” d. Good condition, with wear to the leather more on one side than the other, all to the good in my opinion. C. 1920s-40s I would guess.