Old Leather and Steel Catcher's Mask, Earlyish 20th Century

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There is no mark on this old catcher's mask that I can find, and I have not found an exact match that identifies it, but based on the construction I believe it dates to sometime between 1900-1930s. I just think it's a beautiful thing, as much so from the back and from the front, and from the sides too, with laces running all the way around holding the leather together. And all of the original straps are in place and in good shape, making it ready to throw on for some backyard pitch and catch (it fits nice and snug, with adjustable straps if needed), but a great thing just to have hanging on the wall the rest of the time.

10 3/4" t x 10 5/8" w x 4" d and in good, used overall condition, with some cracking to the leather and a little rusting to the steel.