Old Lead Folk Art Cabin for Tess with Melty Chimney

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Made by hand entirely of lead, this old cabin is heavy, and while I think perhaps I've come across a folk art house crafted of lead before, I sure can't find one out there now. My guess is a lead/metal worker's whimsy of sorts made for a daughter named Tess, with her name soldered across the back side of the pitched roof in a very sweet way. Further decorative soldering (I believe this would be the right word) at every corner of the house and chimney and roof, and two spiral-twisted lead posts  holding up the front porch overhang. With a red painted door, red painted accents just along one side of the house, and a chimney that seems to have melted some, very much to the good I think, making the house seem all the more animate. Singular and special feeling with a substantial presence.

4 7/8" w x 6" d  x 4 3/4 t and weighs about 3 1/2 pounds. Earlyish 20th c. I would guess, super sturdy and solid.