Old Iron Oil Can Pitcher with Great Form and Coiled Spout

Regular price $48.00

I don't typically care a lot about old oil cans, but this one struck me as both unusual and excellent looking (and also rather phallic, making it a perfect companion to the XXX bulb kit I just listed!) It appears a handmade (make do?) creation, with weld marks around the spout and handle where it joins the vessel. Clean lines and a great utilitarian directness, and the surface a rather beautiful combination of rust and black. I would treat it as a sculptural object for the shelf.

12 3/4” high at spout tip; vessel itself 11 3/4” t  x 4 5/8" d ; 12” from handle to end of spout. Good condition, plenty of rusting but not much shedding, structurally in  good shape.