Old Red Zig Zag Edged 212 Wooden Sign

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When I spotted this old sign, I immediately thought not of what I'm sure was its original function as a house number, but rather of the original, now impossible to attain 212 Manhattan area code. So I grabbed it for a longtime New Yorker to hang proudly, I hope--or perhaps for a former Manhattanite like me, for whom 212 immediately provokes nostalgia for younger days in NYC, forever a core part of one's identity!  

Of a great scale at 25 inches long x 11 3/4" t x 3/8" thick. 1950s or so I'd think, when this particular zig zag edge was the height of house number style. Deep red paint with white die-cut numbers on wood. General wear and aging, some scuffs and stains, and some roughness and a little paint loss along the left zig edge, but sturdy and stable, no notable warping or major splits, and still super crisp and sharp looking when hung. Two eye hole screws on top for hanging, or easy to add a hanger or two on the back instead.