Old Handmade Wooden CRAFTS Sign with Pointing Finger

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I'd guess this fun old handmade sign was created for a carnival or fair, and I'd think either put to work annually for many years, or else taken on the road, as it has certainly seen some wear. My photos are not great (I'm better equipped to document smaller things than large ones!) and the sign itself is in far from perfect shape, but when I spotted it (in New Hampshire), I jumped on it immediately: still great looking and graphically satisfying, and I love the triangular orange pointing fingernail! Plus it is pointing toward crafts!

The sign itself sits in a groove that runs across the center of a black-painted wooden block/block, to which it seems pretty well attache, I'd guess with glue . It seems possible that one could attach some mounting hardware to the back of the block to hang the whole thing from the wall (it would then come out about 1 3/4 inches. Easiest though would be to just set it on a shelf, best of all perhaps a wall-mounted one. The far end of the sign (the end with the white, black and orange stripes), is just a little taller than the center, so it might be helpful the raise it just a bit, by placing atop another small block or whatever, just enough to gain a few centimeters. 

28 1/2" long x 8 1/2" tall x 3 5/8" deep (at base); sign itself is 1/4" thick. Stains, scrapes, darkening to the paint etc all over as documented, with one side definitely better than the other. The paint on the hand has a bit of a flesh-tone to it--as compared to the whiter paint of the stripes.