Old Handmade Wooden Chess Board with Carved "Black" and "White" Sides

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There are certainly more beautiful old handmade chess and checker boards out there than this, but I really love the "WHITE" and "BLACK" carved at the opposite ends of this one, and then "K" and "Q" for the positions of King and Queen, making me wonder if it wasn't someone just learning the game of chess who made it. If so, it appears they became a lifelong player, as this board has its share of dings and scratches, which makes me like it all the more. It's really got a sweet presence, and the backside is pretty terrific too, with a tightly packed, deeply carved grid of red and black lines.

It's a bit hard to photograph--the dark squares on the front are a deep burgandy-brown stain. Structurally, its in great shape and ready to go. .At some point a little hook was added at the top for hanging. 15 1/4" x 16 3/4 x 1/2" thick.