Old Handmade Divided Interior SCREWS Box with Mysterious Slit

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It's the SCREWS crudely carved into the top of this box, with a pocket knife I'd guess, that makes me love it, and even more so in combination with this mysterious small slit cut through the lid, which seems just the right size to accommodate a folded up paper ballot. As such, it seems "screws" might take on a double meaning--as if one imagined that the outcome of the election would, say, leave them screwed, or if they believed all the candidates were screwy! (Alternatively, one might imagine that slit was cut to turn it into a mailbox of sorts, perhaps for slipping tiny secret love notes inside, in which case screw would take on a whole different meaning!)  Maybe really just the resting place for a favorite knife, who knows? Whatever the case, to my eye and mind at least, wonderfully evocative--and I think the forms of those capital letters, especially that W, are pretty excellent.  

11 5/8" x 7 1/8" x 3 1/2" t. Plenty of wear and age, a few splits, and a small loss to back left corner. Hinges well attached and in good shape, and box sturdy and sound.