Old Hand-painted Wooden G.C + Son IGA Sign

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Falling in love with this old sign led me to learn about the history IGA markets, which makes me love it even more, as it is perfectly embodies that history.  IGA--Independent Grocers Alliance- was founded in 1926 by a group of small grocery retailers to facilitate collective marketing and supply chain access in order for these stores to be competitive, while allowing each to retain its independent ownership and autonomy. The alliance included many mom and pop stores in small towns, which was surely the case for the G.C. + Son of this sign—perfectly IGA in form and spirit. Found in Maine, I would guess it dates to the fairly early years of the association, and to my eye has weathered beautifully. I would gift it to the chief grocery-buyer in the family and hang it in the kitchen!

Of a large but manageable scale: 30 1/8" long x 7" tall x 7/8" thick. There is a small patch of wood loss at bottom center, which it looks like was worm eaten. Otherwise, some surface dryness and cracking but very sound and stable and really great looking.