Old Hand-carved Cooper's Measuring Wheel

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This I am more or less certain is an old handmade traveler wheel, likely made by a cooper (maker of casks, barrels, etc from timber) for their own use in measuring circumferences. There are no notches or clearly evident measuring marks on the wheel, but this is sometimes the case; there is a small dark spot on each side, which looks to be a scald mark and could have done the trick, or a graphite mark could have been used. I really love it as an object, with great form, warm patina, and sharp but well travelled edge to the carved wheel. Plus a hole toward the end of the tapered handle for easy hanging. Found in New Hampshire; I’d guess early 20th c?

16 1/2" l x 7 1/4" diameter to wheel. Good condition, clearly well used, sound and study, rolls along smoothly like a pizza wheel!