Old Folk Art Valentine Shelf with Picture Frame and Him and Her Tintypes, As Found

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A sweet thing, or maybe a portrait of a difficult relationship?!! From the front, framed at the top of this little wall shelf with heart pierced arrow at center is the tintype portrait of handsome mustached man with pink tinted cheeks, looking a bit of the Lothario. Then, on reverse, in the same (wonderfully framed out) spot is a tintype portrait of an older woman, looking every bit the unhappy mother, and with the image scratched up all over. Surely there's a story here, perhaps yet to be written! Found in Maine, just as shown, and I know the seller was selling it just as they found it, too.

11 5/8 t x 6 x 3 1/2 d and in good condition. I wouldn't put anything with weight on the little shelf, but it's fairly well attached. No hanger, but hanging it from a nail at the top of the center cutout could do it or one could easily add a small hook or hanger.