Old Folk Art Ship in a Bottle with American Flag and Many Houses

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(A bit tough to photograph, better in person.) I've got a weakness for ships in bottles, which always seem like magic to me, and most especially for ones with backgrounds populated with lots of little wooden houses, like this one. (The houses themselves are very reminiscent of the Erzgebirge ones I love so much, here mostly with cheerful yellow roofs, and I imagine tiny people inside, watching the ships go by!) Three masts to the ship here, with a little hand-painted American flag waving at the stern. Nice large flat sided bottle marked H. W. Huguley,  Blackstone St. Boston, which I believe dates the bottle to pre-1908, and I'd believe the ship in a bottle dates very early 20th c.

10 1/8" l x 3 3/8" tall and deep. Very good overall condition, no losses or fallen bits, just some general dust on the interior of the glass as is usually the case. Shows nicely.