Dramatic Old Folk Art Very Heavy Soldered Iron Cross

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Weighing in at almost nine pounds, this cross is not to be moved!  I love it for its emphatic materiality, and dramatic tilt (seems very Rock of Ages to me, as if Faith herself should be clinging to it amid a stormy sea). And I love it for all the effort put into all that soldering around the base, looking like the roots of trees (or streaming seaweed.)  All of which, together with a sort of God's Eye at the center, adds up to a super folky but also rather earnestly holy feeling thing; I have to think its maker was a true believer! Plus, better than a baseball ball for defending oneself should it come to that.  Definitely a good one for placing at the center of the mantle and arranging other things around.

13 3/8" t x 7 3/4" w x 4 1/4" d (at base). Weighs 8 3/4" pounds. Completely indestructible. 2nd quarter 20th century I might guess, with some light rusting, all to the good I think.