Old Folk Art Carving of Woman with Great Face, Bangs, and Bonnet

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The face on this woman totally kills me, and all the more so as framed by razor-straight bangs peeking out from her bonnet and big bow neatly tied at her chin. Just completely earnest and open, and clearly a heart-felt, hard-trying effort on behalf of the carver who made her, quite some years ago. I have a tendency to talk to inanimate objects, and she is definitely one with whom I think I'd hold a lively ongoing conversation!

She's substantial in size and weight; 7 7/8" tall x 4 1/4" wide (at base) x 2 1/4" deep.  I believe there may be an old mend to at least one of her ankles, but otherwise she's in very good shape and very sturdy, with a nice warm patina to the dry wood.