Old Folk Art Bottle Whimsy with Crucifixion Scene

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Not for everyone, surely, but I found this super folky bottle whimsy crucifixion scene pretty hard to resist. Here we have Jesus on the tallest cross and the two thieves who were crucified beside him, and then, I would guess, Mary and St. John standing in front dressed in black for mourning--she looking very disturbed but he, oddly smiling. Visible from the back side are the assembled props - a ladder, a hammer, and what looks to be a giant matchstick (?) The crosses have come loose of the bases such that--but virtue of the stopped being lost--the whole scene can be rearranged more or less as desired using a long, thin dowel (a skewer works well!)--or with some effort I think one could probably get them properly back in their intended spots. Nothing appears to be broken or lost.

8 3/8" t x 3 1/4" w x 1 7/8" d. Bottle is in good shape. One of the figures on cross (at left in first photo) has lost one leg, otherwise all appear to be in good condition.