Antique Folk Art Altar Case with Crosses and Wavy Glass

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I really love this as a sculptural piece just on its own, but, made to function as an altar case, it would be great with a carved figure, or two, or three, or all sorts of other holy or unholy things arranged behind the glass. As documented, it is open on the sides and top; a narrow plank rested across the bottom sides could easily be added to make a slightly elevated platform to set things on. The hand-carved crosses really do it for me,  as do the lines of the whole thing and the old wavy glass on the door, which opens all the way out--though one needs to be a bit gentle as the weight of the glass makes it want to tilt forward. Found in Upstate New York and I would guess late 19th/early 20th c.

16 3/4” t x 12 3/4” w x 5 5/8” d and in good condition. The door holds closed just fine but not quite flush to the frame due to slight warping of the wood with age. Structurally sound and stable.