Old Erzgebirge Small Hand-painted Barn with Lone Horse

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A small thing, but such a lovely one--really, how to beat the color scheme and patterning on this old Erzgebirge painted barn? And a pretty great white stripe painted down the front of this brown horse's face, too. One could certainly build a miniature barnyard scene around this, though I kind of love this horse having it all to herself. The manner of the painting on the barn indicates to me c. 1920s-30s,  but I think it was well stored away as it's in terrific condition. The set comes with a little wooden fence, too, which I found stored inside the barn.

Barn measures 4 11/16" l x 2 1/2" t x 1 1/8" d. Horse 1 3/4" l x 1 1/2". Both, and the unpainted fence too, are in very good shape, with just a little paint loss to the legs on one side of the horse.