Old Cigar Box with Two Hand-forged Steel Strikers Plus Flint

Regular price $60.00

Soon it will be camping weather, and how much more exciting to head out into the woods with a flint and striker than with a lighter, making getting a fire going feel much more of an accomplishment! I am selling this set exactly as I found it, with two old hand-forged steel strikers and a piece of flint that was definitely used for sparking them housed in a vintage wooden La Tropical Jamaican cigar box. Whether or not one actually puts these to use, I love them as objects and for the potential they represent, and perhaps for the comfort they offer as well, should one be forced to enter survival mode! 

Box measures 4 7/8" x 3 7/8" x 7/8". Larger striker" 3 3/16" l. Smaller striker: 2 3/16" l. Some aging/rusting to the steel, all to the good I think; overall very good condition.