Old Cast Iron Shooting Gallery Double Chipmunk (or Gopher?) Target, Working

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A fun one, and quite an old one I believe, with some of the original white paint still holding on the chipmunks, or gophers (or heads of squirrels if one prefers to think of them!) and bullseye at the center. All spring loaded, and all in good working order: hitting either of the chipmunks will knock them back, and hitting the target at the center will pop them back up--which of course one can do manually, which is happily accompanied by satisfying clicks, and I must say is quite a fun thing to do! I really love the look of graphic look of it, which weighs about 4 pounds.

10" long x 5 11/16" tall x 3 5/8" deep. Paint loss, including around the edges of the bottom black-painted wood piece, which is original to it, as evident. The top cast iron piece sits a little off-flush on top of the wooden base. Early 20th century I believe and likely used at a carnival or fair.