Old Cast Iron Cat on Wall Mounting Arm (Presumed Bell Hook), With Lost Tail!

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Yes, this old cast iron cat lost its tail, but with that face, and wonderfully arching back too, who cares?! Wall mounting at one end and with a curl for a hook at the other, I believe it was likely made to hang a bell from at an outdoor entry--which it could do now, or a plant, or just inside the door could be the hanger for all one's keys--with a spare set dangling from its tail! Original paint visible on the face, including terrific green eyes, and excellent texture all over. Really one of my favorite cat's i've ever seen.

13 1/4” l x 10 1/8” t x 1 3/8” d overall. Aside from the broken tail, in very good, beautifully aged, presumed antique condition.