Old Cast Iron Dog on Heavy Iron Base

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I think of this more as a door stop than a paperweight (which is how the dealer I purchased it from described it)--weighing in at 3 1/2 pounds, it seems a bit of overkill for holding down a stack of papers, though this pup (a retriever, or a setter?) certainly looks fetching perched atop a pile. Late 19th century I would guess, it shows all of those years, with much of the dog's creamy-brown paint worn away, along, it seems, with a piece of his jowl! For me, in addition to this curious missing chunk, it is the combination of the dog and rusty red-painted base that makes this, as if the dog is curled up on a cozy rug next to fireside. To me, very endearing. 

5" l x 3 7/16" w x 2 5/6" t. Lots of age and wear but stable  and in my opinion all the better for it.