Old Carved Wooden Cup (Presumed Dipper Bowl) with Smiling Imp

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I believe that this cup, with a carved hole on one side, once had a handle and was used as a dipper--and given the imp/devil carved into it, I'd guess for ale or similar! What a fabulously carved character he is, with graphite used to enhance his features and give teeth to that devilish wide smile--and it appears there was once a name written in cursive letters across his chest, now a bit hard to read. The carving itself seems as old as the vessel or at least nearly so--no later than very early 20th c., though I think a fair bit older than that. Pretty fabulous. 

4 3/4" t x 3 5/8" x 3 5/16 and in very good condition, with a great patina. Obviously with the hole in one side it cannot be used as a cup for liquid--but would be perfect for throwing dice!